Ultrabowl Inc. founded on October 15, 1988 with 21 shareholders having a first and second floor to cater client in the community with the primary activity of Bowling and Refreshment with an initial 36 employees managed by Mr. Efren Bravo from 1988-1989 in which in the year 1989-1992 Mr. Jovencio Adlaon took charge in managing the business in the year 1992-2003 Mr. Jose Buenaventura became the manager during his leadership a change of line in business has been made from Bowling and Refreshment to Bowling and Restaurant it was in this year the creation of the 4 departments specifically Ping’s Bar, Sito’s a.m. and p.m., Bowling and Canteen. From 2003 a massive development took place to cater numerous functions, new infrastructure has been built in the direction of Ms.Mary Anne Buenaventura- Camello , with the support of the members of the Board of Directors Ms. Emerlita B. Bebiro was being appointed as the new General Manager of the company.Now Ultrabowl Inc. is in the progression of standardization the facilities to meet the demand of the growing community as well to be competitive aspect as far as service is concerns.